Picture Related Quotes

“While certain sectors, like the automotive industry, are under pressure, the bigger picture shows there simply is not the kind of the volume we saw in the past. It's not 2001.”

Sam Gerdano

“You've go to keep playing and stay the course. We're in the midst of the playoff picture, and we'll have to win our way in. We're not going to back in.”

Rick Carlisle

“I was very upset, and for two months, if I saw his picture somewhere I would get angry, ... I hadn't lost somebody to a shooting before -- it wasn't as though he'd been killed in some sort of accident. He was taken in such a horrible, malicious way that just made it more painful.”

Chad Kroeger

Everything in my career is my decision - every picture, every outfit. You get one chance at this, and I never saw myself as being a puppet.

Katherine Jenkins

“I stared at his picture for so many hours when I was pre-teen. When we were doing the recording for the album I'd look across and there were those eyes, coming out at me like lasers from a picture of 20 years ago. It was wild.”

Antony Hegarty

More and more people are seeing the films on computers - lousy sound, lousy picture - and they think they've seen the film, but they really haven't.

David Lynch

“When we describe what the other person is really like, I suppose we often picture what we want. We look through the prism of our need.”

Ellen Goodman

“No one is an artist unless he carries his picture in his head before painting it, and is sure of his method and composition.”

Claude Monet

“The theater means a lot. It's served the college well, but the bigger picture is that it's served downtown Lexington.”

David Mohney

“Needless, heedless, wanton and deliberate injury of the sort inflicted by Life's picture story is not an essential instrument of responsible journalism.”

Abe Fortas