Pitch Related Quotes

“He had a couple good innings, then his pitch count got a little elevated and we were hoping that he could get through six. He found a second wind and he got through seven and eight.”

Mike Scioscia

“We just let too many opportunities get early. We got his pitch count way up and had opportunities to score and couldn't put the ball in play. That always finds a way to come back and haunt you.”

Ned Yost

“We're going to pitch a lot of guys and kind of have a staff day-a bunch of guys pitching an inning or two apiece. We're going to get some guys some game experience that they're going to need in these coming weekends.”

Dave Esquer

“My whole plan today was getting in on hitters. I went inside on the first pitch and (Gomez) looked a little weak against it, so I went back in. Obviously, I got too far in.”

Craig Hansen

“They haven't said anything to me. I had a bullpen session Wednesday and if I don't pitch I'll have to have another one, then it'll be 2-3 days after that.”

Gil Meche

“They say the most important pitch is strike one. He struggled with strikes early in the count and got behind.”

Matt Treanor

“It follows that we now need to deliver success on the pitch if we are to continue to invest at this level.”

Daniel Levy

“When he was 2 years old, we used to pitch to him in the kitchen. But he was hitting the ball too hard. He got too strong, so we had to take him out to the backyard.”

Michael Reed

“He had a couple of misses on location. Not any big innings, but he got his pitch count up.”

Ken Macha

“I didn't realize it was up around my shoulders. If he makes that pitch 99 more times, I probably strike out 75 times and pop up the other 24 times. I just got lucky, I think.”

Chris Widger