Pitchers Related Quotes

“I'm not sure right now if it's the pitchers out there. I think right now it's us. We're doing it to ourselves. Guys are trying way too hard.”

Craig Monroe

“We're a little shallow. Me and Ben are basically the only starting pitchers we have so far.”

Dan Carleton

“Both pitchers pitched a great game. Autumn was awesome again. She's going into extra innings and leaving it all out on the field. She pitched really, really well.”

Natalie Peters

“They are just a tremendous ball club. I was glad we were able to get two freshman pitchers in the game today to face a team like Rice. Hopefully it will make them better down the road.”

Daron Schoenrock

“We have to get better in the mental aspects of the game, ... That's true for both the pitchers and hitters. The pitchers can't be giving up hits on 0-2 counts like we have, and the hitters have to find a way to get the runner over when he's on second with no outs.”

Jamie Walker

“The coaching was great today. That run gave us an extra edge. It really helped our pitchers out, and it was great for momentum. There was a little trash talking going on between us and them so this was a big win for us.”

Cody Provenzano

“It was a great ball game tonight. Both pitchers did an outstanding job. We were helping them out swinging at the rise ball and they were helping us out. It was a tight game. It came down to the sixth inning where we needed the run. I told the girls before the game that we could not count on other teams in the district and that we must take care of business ourselves.”

Michelle Rochinski

“Both pitchers pitched very well. For Tara to get just four walks is great, she's just a sophomore.”

Connie Wunschel

“I believe it does take tall pitchers longer to put it together. Look at Johnson. It took him a few extra years. The parts that go into the mechanics of a delivery are longer. It just seems to take a tall pitcher longer to get to that point where they can repeat their delivery.”

Darren Balsley

“That's a good sign. The most important thing is we need our pitchers back in line.”

Eric Chavez