Pitchers Related Quotes

“I thought both of our pitchers did a great job. They moved the ball around and kept their hitters off balance.”

Dana Fiedler

“Woody uses it more as a strikeout pitch. He's using it the way other pitchers might use a splitter or a cutter. There's no doubt it's a good weapon when you're working with it like he does, ahead in the count.”

Doug Mirabelli

“Probably, that was the best start in the last month by any of our starting eight pitchers. To hold a team like that, with the kind of offense they have, to three runs - it's outstanding.”

Glenn Wilson

“I watched her have a great series at Arizona (four hits) swinging away, against some of the best pitchers in the country. Last week, she had three hits in one game against Troy by slapping.”

Michael Lotief

“I'm going to try to catch as many as I can. You want to get to see the pitchers but also to keep squatting and keep my legs in shape.”

Eric Munson

“I think we can go with any three of those pitchers any day.”

Cynthia Zea

“The way he carried himself on the field, the little things he did made a difference in what his pitchers could do. He was terrific.”

Mike Scioscia

“We had chances to get more guys home. Give their pitchers credit. They also made big pitches when they had to.”

Charlie Montoyo

“Although they are freshmen, they are very experienced pitchers. You would think they are a lot older than they really are. They really handle themselves well. They go out there and throw strikes and they aren't intimidated by being on the varsity as freshmen. They go out there and get the job done.”

Lee Guerrera

“Who's at the advantage? Either you haven't had to use as many pitchers, or you've gotten more innings and more at-bats. ... In general, I think the more innings you play the better off you are.”

Kirk Fredericks