Pitching Related Quotes

“The thing with Rollins is they've got tremendous pitching. We're going to have to continue to swing the bats and we're going to have to shut them down. Runs may be hard to come by this weekend.”

Paul Knight

“Fifteen years now. I think of all the great teams we've had, and if we'd had this pitching, you never know how many rings we'd have won. But I'm just happy to be around and be a part of this.”

Frank Thomas

“He'd be a great addition to the pitching staff here, ... a couple of bowls of gumbo.”

Ron Guidry

“Chad did a phenomenal job pitching. Our pitchers are getting stronger as the year goes on and he is part of that. We wanted to work ahead in the count, pound the strike zone and be the aggressor.”

Mike Metcalf

“There's a lot of clubs looking for starting pitching. There's not a lot out there. They're calling me for starting pitching.”

Allard Baird

“My guys didn't come through. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it because pitching was a big factor in this game.”

Luis Sojo

“He's pitching like a senior with leadership. We didn't give him much support, but we gave him enough.”

David Mcginnis

“My pitchers hadn't thrown off a mound yet and we had not seen any live pitching.”

Kory Mcelravy

If you don't have outstanding relief pitching, you might as well piss on the fire and call the dogs.

Whitey Herzog

“That was great pitching from both guys. They're the top two pitchers in the county.”

Landy Faedo