Places Related Quotes

“Oh, we've all changed places,”

Chris Carter

“The Plaza is one of those places where everyone had an emotional moment. People's parents got engaged there, people got married there or fell in love there.”

Cathy Elkies

“Those are some of the hardest-hit places, and they haven't gotten any aid to this point.”

Greg Brooks

Circumstances in life often take us places that we never intended to go. We visit some places of beauty, others of pain and desolation.

Kristin Armstrong

“Other places have come asking for him. But Wisconsin is a wonderful university, and the medical complex is strong. Bob's talents will be put to very good use there.”

William Roper

“I've been to other places where they've had a similar lighting set, with levers and all — not as big as ours — and at these other places it's shot to hell, destroyed, handles missing and everything. For a 58-year-old board, it's mint. We're always opening it up to keep it running.”

Derek Ortiz

“He had a lot of places to go. The fact [is] he chose Nashville, and I think in some regards that's got to be somewhat of a stunner that he chose here instead of going to some other bigger market where he could get more fanfare.”

David Poile

“We both do all the work, but we each have the places where we shine.”

Carol Mcneely

“But we've played in some tough places this season. We've been to the Dean Dome, Cameron Indoor Stadium, Maryland and Michigan. It's not like we don't know what it's like to play in a hostile environment.”

Frank Haith

“I don't want my place to (get) out of hand. I've seen what happens to other places.”

Victor Heresa