Plan A Related Quotes

Seven is a lucky number, so I plan to do a lot of lucky things with my seventh place title.

Anwar Robinson

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Larry Elder

I don't really plan what comes out of my mouth, and that's what makes most of my lyrics entertaining.


All was in God's plan, and he had to accept even as he didn't understand.

Barbara Cameron

Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.

Steven Wright

I achieve what I plan because I plan what I can achieve.

M.f. Moonzajer

The intention that man should be happy is not in the plan of Creation.

Sigmund Freud

I didn't plan to write YA - I had a story that simply wasn't working as a straight-up fantasy novel.

Carrie Vaughn

“Men never plan to be failures; they simply fail to plan to be successful.”

William Arthur Ward

I did not plan to make the Cube.

Erno Rubik