Platform Related Quotes

“Globe has developed a stable operating platform and is generating sound credit metrics.”

Charles Macgregor

“By acquiring Costa Rican gaming operations, giant European firms now have a platform from which to launch attacks on federal, state and local gambling restrictions in an effort to secure an even greater share of the diverse and lucrative U.S. gambling market. This is a threat that was brought to the attention of all three Utah congressmen.”

Lori Wallach

“This is a potential platform technology for developing many other kinds of therapies.”

Claudio Soto

“The important question the shortfall raises is whether Apple will be able to attract new users to the Macintosh platform to continue to grow its market share, ... The shortfall raises ominous questions about whether it can.”

Charlie Wolf

“It appears on the surface that this means there is a way to create some sort of cross-platform .Net. But [standardization] does nothing to address the issues around cross-platform development.”

David Smith

“He's dominant on the playing field, and that's acknowledged by everybody. That is the platform that has gained exposure, so it's a very elite spotlight he's fallen under.”

Don Hinchey

“Regarding the size of the platform, it could not have been the base of a pillar or the pier of a wall. Most possibly, the place was used during religious rituals. 30 by 30 by 70 centimeter bricks and stucco were used in its construction.”

Ali Heidari

“Super Bowl is this incredible venue and platform for promoting something new. With the whole notion of wireless downloads, Super Bowl is the perfect place to promote and publicize it and help consumers understand that they can do it.”

Mike Goff

“Just because an operating environment is available on a volume hardware platform does not necessarily mean that it will become a volume product itself. It all depends upon the portfolio of applications, development tools and services available.”

Dan Kusnetzky

“This will ensure that we lay a solid platform to have responsible road users, as children will be taught life skills related to road safety.”

Collen Msibi