Platforms Related Quotes

“[Pine says his customers are staying away from their 4.6 platforms for now because they are stable and instead upgrading their troublesome Windows 95 and 98 clients. Lotus says no matter when the cut-off date customers will not be left on a dead end.] The end of support is misunderstood, ... We continue to provide support for older releases, but at some point you put a line of demarcation down and say this is where we are no longer going to do code fixes and changes, and you have to move forward if you want to be a 100 percent current.”

Steve Mills

“Attackers are going to start looking at gaming platforms because more and more of these devices are becoming interconnected. It's an evolution that we think has been coming for some time. The sky isn't falling, but it's certainly a natural evolution.”

Dean Turner

“We see a whole new category of wireless devices emerging that combine popular PDA [personal digital assistant] platforms with wireless communications. By combining the widespread appeal of the Palm operating system with the exploding demand for wireless communications, we will be able to provide people with the personal networking capabilities they want and need.”

Merle Gilmore

“Our customers and prospects have long asked for a single enterprise-wide data connectivity vendor that can cover all platforms including the mainframe. This acquisition lets us meet all of our customers' data access requirements - regardless of their environment and where their data sits. And by acquiring the industry leader in mainframe access, we will continue our tradition of providing our customers with the very highest quality data connectivity products available anywhere.”

Rick Reidy

“Traditional enterprise search platforms are very expensive and cumbersome to implement [for IT departments.] They also don't satisfy end user requirements, so they have a low adoption rate.”

Chris Weitz

“You have to look at a product from every angle. What is the product's genre? What are the platforms? How much money are you going to spend? Who are the people that are building it? Is it a licensed product? Is it an original product? You then present the idea to the green lighting committee, which is, like the senior management in sales, senior management in marketing, and product development. And then, basically, you run the numbers. And it's a numbers game after that. If the unit volume comes back and it supports the development [costs] and what you'll need to spend at marketing, then the product is given the green light.”

Michael Pole

“Our fare inspectors ride the trains and stay on the platforms. These are random checks, and if they do not have a valid ticket, they will be issued a summons of $100.”

Charles Ingoglia

“When Ivan hit last year, it passed over 150 platforms.”

Larry Wall

“It's been our strategy to exploit content across as many platforms as possible.”

Leslie Moonves

“We are proud that Just Cause will be available on Xbox 360, as well as current generation platforms. Our aim has always been to deliver a next-gen experience and with the power of the Xbox 360 you are going to see something really special.”

Christofer Sundberg