Played Related Quotes

When I was a child, I never played with other children. I hated them.

Karl Lagerfeld

“We played against them last year. The result was not what we wanted, but we have played them. We know what to expect, so it's not going to be a shock going up against them. And we're a much better team now. We're more experienced.”

Dean O'connor

“We played extremely well in the first half. The kids were playing with confidence. We felt pretty good going into the second half. Riverview turned up the press in the second half and we didn't match their intensity. We just folded.”

Chris Schultz

“It was one bad break. We played a decent game and lost on a bad break in double overtime. That's playoff hockey. Move on.”

Ryan Smyth

I didn't know Johnny Depp could act until he played me.

Hunter S. Thompson

“Bryan told an Iowa announcer earlier in the year that if UF played Iowa, Mom would root for Iowa because she loves her son more. There's probably a good chance of that. I don't know. The thing I keep in mind with her is the car she drives is being paid by Florida.”

Greg Mattison

“Defensively we played solidly the whole game, and we took good care of the ball.”

Shane Wichers

Best defender I have played against? Carles Puyol

Cesc Fabregas

“We played great in the first half and part of the third quarter. Then we didn't handle the pressure well in the second half. And we didn't rebound.”

Deb Henderson

“The biggest thing I noticed in Alicia was how well she played in the field. She's already a good hitter. But she really improved as an outfielder and for her to make the all-defensive team is really special.”

Steve Wammer