Player Related Quotes

“He's a very versatile player, but he's just so fast. He's just special, and you can't imagine how valuable his speed is going to be for him.”

George Quarles

“They weren't protecting the shooters. And just before (the ejection), our player took a charge when one of their guys just leaned a shoulder into him. I'm asking for calls, and the refs just kept looking back at me and laughing.”

Ronnie Arrow

“As a player you like to have a defined role and I am going in there knowing I'll be a backup and I don't have to worry about competing for a starting job or a job, period.”

Rick Brunson

“We knew coming in she was obviously the player they had that we had to stop. You obviously don't expect a girl to come in and score 45 points on you, but she worked hard. She earned it.”

Carlos Palacio

“She's a great player. We may put two or three players on her, it depends on whether we have to. Candace Parker is a great player, but she's not the entire Tennessee team.”

Sylvia Hatchell

“Paul is the best player and I am mindful we've had no training time at all since the World Cup. To throw in Ollie Barkley or Alex King with no preparation would be a big call, especially playing away from home.”

Clive Woodward

“I said it last year and I still believe she's the best player in the state.”

Doug Pickarts

“There are the intangibles when you pick a guy in the draft because (a team) is accountable for that player. Whoever takes Eric is going to sleep at night not worrying about how this is going to look on their track record.”

Drew Rosenhaus

“She's a very good offensive player. She has a nice three-point shot and she has excellent post moves.”

Vin Cianfarani

“Both teams had to make critical plays defensively. Obviously, Kelly Labor's a great player, but they have other great players - Ann Barney and some of those kids. We didn't want to end up in a 1-on-1 situation. We always had players sliding across.”

David Cope