Player Related Quotes

“Erin isn't a back-to-the-basket player at the next level. She can face the basket and shoot it. She did a few more things as a senior than during the early stages of her Providence career. I think she has just scratched the surface in terms of her overall development. Coach Hallberg will certainly help her develop as an all-around player.”

Eileen Copenhaver

“The player of the year was no question the player of the year in the second half. We didn't have an answer for her.”

Suzy Merchant

“He?s more valuable to me as a utility player. He went wherever there was a hole, whether it was at center or third or short or on the mound. He always told me he?d be willing to put the gear on to [to catch].”

Yates Hall

?It's an unbelievable story, ... He became a hockey player by default. He didn't live at the rink, wasn't a rink rat. Goes to (the University of Minnesota) Duluth - not a major hockey school. Everything that happened with Brett is not the standard; it's unique. No way is it the way you picture it with the son of a hockey player.?

Barry Melrose

“Dean is a player who immediately adds speed and quickness to our roster, and that was a top priority for us. We also believe that he can contribute goal-scoring ability and instill veteran experience to our lineup through the strong success he has enjoyed over his NHL career.”

Larry Pleau

“She's an awesome player. She is well-rounded. She has everything ---- passing, hitting, good court sense, an awesome jump serve. She needs to be a leader, and she will.”

Amie Hamilton

“I stunk as a player, ... Facing those guys, I knew what a pro player looked like, and I knew I wasn't going to be one.”

Kevin Mcdonald

“If a young player were to ask me what to do, ... I'm not going to tell him it's bad. Look at all the money in the game: You have a chance to set your family up, to get your daughter into a better school.... So I can't say, 'Don't do it,' not when the guy next to you is as big as a house and he's going to take your job and make the money.”

Ken Caminiti

“He's definitely a player, and he's definitely going to help us. I'm excited for him to be able to get on the field and play some football. He's definitely a player who can help out.”

Daunte Culpepper

“Blair has certainly been an ultimate team player. He's played very well for us and he's certainly all about the team. Paulo's no different. I mean, whatever it takes for us to win. They support each other, and that's very good for us.”

Chris Stewart