Plays Related Quotes

“Derek (Anderson) made some big plays coming down the stretch and then we got the miracle. I don't know how the ball ended up in Alonzo's hands, but it ended up in his hands and he dunked it.”

Pat Riley

“She's our unquestioned leader. She does so much, whatever we need, whether it's points, rebounds, assists, setting up plays. She does it all.”

Mike Harris

“Kim provides so much emotional lift for our team when she plays because she cares so much.”

Lesle Gallimore

“Neither team really got into a rhythm offensively. It was a gut check game and we made some plays late. I told the kids that we may be 10-8 but we haven't lost a close game all year.”

Robert Hammonds

“One or two plays can make or break you at that position. ... He's learned some hard lessons. (Wednesday's) lesson may be as difficult as anything we've learned yet. If he's learned from it, he will be much better down the road for it.”

Chris Petersen

“He made some big plays for those guys. He did a nice job.”

Darrel Mitchell

“His poise with the puck, his ability to make plays, set him apart. He waits that extra second, stops on a dime, and makes a pass through three sticks, on the tape.”

Dave Baseggio

“We could really use what he does; we need to investigate that further. He plays old.”

Mike Brey

“That's all talk. We have to do it. We have to go out on the field and make plays and let that stuff happen at the end of the season. That is what it comes down to is making plays — and we didn't make enough.”

Mike Minter

“Four plays really changed the game. The fumble on the kickoff return; a pass interference call that was the wrong call in the second quarter that would've given us the ball in scoring position; the snap hitting our kid in the face when he was in motion; and that 80-yard touchdown run. If one or two of those had gone differently, we could've been right in the game.”

Kyle Davis