Plays Related Quotes

“One of the things we're really proud of is we got big plays. We started to execute offensively and things started to click pretty well.”

Pat Murphy

“She plays to win and she is a very mentally tough person. She just can't stand to lose.”

Mac Gifford

“Blocking and pass receiving are going to be important for Jon to sharpen up. Even though he makes good plays for us, there is still a lot more involved than just running with the ball under your arm.”

Mark Mangino

“Ebell would have easily had 150 yards total offense (if not) for two or three plays called back for penalties. The screen play he ran, the counter he ran. Those were called back. Those plays were probably another 60 yards he didn't get.”

Mike Price

“There's just so many things going through your head as a freshman knowing the plays, knowing when to cut, knowing what to do. It really is tough to find that kind of balance as a freshman. I think it's something you have to kind of play through to find, too. It's just part of being a freshman.”

Ann Strother

“You got to talk to the team when plays break down, but nothing close to what (reporter Peter) Vecsey or (TV analyst David) Aldridge said.”

Kobe Bryant

“He's played really well. As long as he plays well, I'll probably go with him.”

Rick Comley

“I love to make plays. That's why I'm here, ... When I'm out on the field, I'm thinking that I'm going to make every play.”

Cedrick Wilson

“Sometimes, if we have a slow start, we panic a little bit. A lot of bad plays happen after that.”

Simon Gagne

?We worked really hard and we worked a lot on the fundamentals of the game and making the basic plays. With special athletes, sometimes that fundamental play gets lost. I know when I first came up, the ball I had the most trouble with was the ball hit right at me, because I assumed I could make that routine play.?

Barry Larkin