Plays Related Quotes

“It makes it easier for everybody. Coach Holmgren can just look at his call sheet and call plays he likes, get guys going, spread the ball around.”

Matt Hasselbeck

“If he plays his best he can win against anyone, but if he plays badly then I think I have a chance.”

Andy Murray

“For every game he plays, he just provides more evidence that he belongs. We've watched him close and he's shown no signs of fatigue. It's a long season and we'll go through some adversity as a team and he will as an individual. But we feel comfortable that he's a mature kid.”

Mike Sullivan

“What happened last year is State made great plays and we made a lot of mental errors and helped them make great plays. We can't help them. We know they are going to make plays, we just can't aid them in the process.”

Will Montgomery

“Andy hasn't lost a pro final yet so something's got to give! Seriously, Roger, if he plays his game, is virtually impossible, he moves so well. But Andy will go out there with a game plan. Whether it will work, I don't know.”

Roger Federer

“Up until that point it was a tough game. We responded and made some big plays.”

Harry Ladue

“The entire defensive team made plays. We pressured just about every down, except for that screen pass. We knew we'd have to play them man to man. Their passing game is very well constructed and it's hard to execute zone against it. We thought that we would try to confuse their offensive line.”

Nick Saban

“We've been in situations like the one we had (Sunday). Down the stretch, they made more plays.”

Levance Fields

“The way he calls plays differently or what can be expected, I can't comment on that. That will all be determined real soon. I just know coach Pendry is a good coach.”

Chester Pitts

“In the second half we were really aggressive. We contested every shot, boxed out and we made plays and executed from the field, so that was the difference.”

Vince Oliver