Pleased Related Quotes

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the most recent open enrollment season. Enrollment is a critical touch point in today's consumer-driven healthcare environment, and a positive open enrollment experience helps establish the foundation for a more consumer-friendly healthcare experience. SHPS' ability to perform at a consistently high level and continually provide excellent customer service for participants, employers and health plans during the extended peak period speaks volumes about our proficiency at providing an integrated, positive experience for all healthcare users.”

Rishabh Mehrotra

“I'm even more pleased to win because I've been finishing second and third a lot recently.”

Derartu Tulu

There, at her console, he dialed 594: pleased acknowledgement of husband's superior wisdom in all matters

Philip K. Dick

I am pleased that I am able to stand here today and say with a pure heart and meaningful heart that I am against the death penalty. There is no purpose that it serves except to further the damage that death has already done.

Mamie Till

I don't like Tommy on Broadway at all. I like the music, I'm pleased with Pete's success but I don't like what they've done to it.

Roger Daltrey

I think it was Duke Ellington who once said that we're always most pleased with our current record. I mean, you have to assume that you learn from one, and you do something better next time.

George Shearing

“I'm very pleased to have Steve re-sign for another season with the Red Wings. I'm confident that he has a lot of great hockey left to play.”

Ken Holland

“'We are very pleased that the level of completed transactions has increased during recent months following a relatively slow pace of spend in the first six months of 2005.”

Liam O'mahony

That which had pleased me once, troubled by spirit.

Dante Alighieri

Will smirked, clearly pleased at the effect he was having. "I've no idea. I lost consciousness about then. I was having a lovely dream about a young woman who had mislaid all her clothes...

Cassandra Clare