Pleased Related Quotes

I am remarkably pleased with Obama. I had grave misgivings about him.

Pat Robertson

“We're just pleased we can finally get this project going.”

Steve Hansen

“I am pleased with our performance in the fourth quarter as our new products and expanded market coverage continue to deliver top-line growth while our lean and cost-saving initiatives drive leverage to the bottom line.”

Chris Killingstad

“Now, they're making about 70 cents a pound, and most are pleased with that. They're not making a lot of money now, but they're making enough to make a comfortable living and not worry about losing the farm.”

Jamey Clary

May God be pleased to make it known to you, and fill you increasingly with His Spirit, so that through you it may be poured into the souls you guide, and your own soul may be more greatly sanctified!

Vincent De Paul

“I am very pleased with our first quarter accomplishments, which included strong growth in client activity across many franchises. We are seeing the benefits from our investment spending, which helped generate record revenues in our international businesses and record revenues globally in our corporate and investment banking business. Strength in these franchises more than offset weaker results in our U.S. consumer business.”

Charles Prince

“He's just a fairly natural athlete. I'm actually the most pleased with his hands. He's got a lot to learn on the route running, but he has some natural ability that way. I'm excited.”

Mike Bellotti

“I am pleased that Prince Charles and Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles have decided to take this important step.”

Rowan Williams

[F]or as Socrates says that a wise man is a citizen of the world, so I thought that a wise woman was equally at liberty to range through every station or degree of men, to fix her choice wherever she pleased.

Sarah Fielding

“I would love it if every talk show let me say whatever I pleased.”

Chris Bell