Pleased Related Quotes

“We forced ourselves to make more plays. We'd shoot ourselves in the foot, but I'm pleased with the way we made extra plays down the stretch.”

Dave Bike

“Despite the departments' conditions, we are very pleased with the outcome,”

Michael Armstrong

“We are quite pleased to announce the inclusion of Siemens in our financing efforts.”

Harry Stylli

“I'm pleased to have been chosen by Coach G. and the team. I know they'll do me proud, ... If not, I'm going to invite them to leave Tucson and come to one of my Las Vegas shows, and then make them sit outside in the desert and let them watch their skates melt.”

Don Rickles

If someone wants to eat healthy, they can do that and get the sandwich exactly right. I'm so pleased we're able to influence so many people and their eating habits.

Fred Deluca

“We are pleased to report that all outstanding issues involving the SEC's financial review, as well as the accounting issues related to DFG, have now been resolved, ... Today's earnings release brings this matter to a close and we now look forward to proceeding with the Tyson transaction.”

Robert Peterson

“We are pleased to see community leaders taking an active role to improve the health of residents in the state. As healthcare professionals, we recognize the need to have community leaders who will develop programs to encourage an environment that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. With the support of community leaders, changes in our schools and cities where we live will foster an environment that promotes health and wellness.”

Dave Helwig

“I am pleased that Central is voluntarily undertaking this major program pro-actively to replace sprinklers nationwide and protect consumers from the risk of fire.”

Ann Brown

“We had another strong record-breaking quarter in terms of both revenues and profits. We're very, very pleased, ... This is traditionally a slow season for Internet properties so this momentum shows that, at least from my perspective, we are effectively connecting with our users and our customers.”

Eric Schmidt

“We are very pleased about our record fourth-quarter and full-year results. Motorola continues to deliver compelling products and solutions to our customers, who are embracing our vision of seamless mobility.”

Ed Zander