Pocket Related Quotes

“We have two new tackles, big guys. That pocket is not going to compress as much. And moving Ryan put him at a more natural position. He's done a great job. A couple of snaps at the beginning of the spring were a little off, but he hasn't missed a call. Moving Matt to guard has made him a little more comfortable.”

Ron Zook

The minutes ticked past. This is why peelers need a book. A wee paperback to stick in your pocket.

Adrian Mckinty

Shall I not take mine ease in mine inn but I shall have my pocket picked?

William Shakespeare

“I lined up at nose guard and bench pressed the center, collapsed the pocket and hit the quarterback for a sack. It was cool to help the defense step up and make a stop.”

Austin Davis

Cleavage is great," she said. "Like an extra pocket.

Kelley Armstrong

Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? (She made this remark in February 1936, at the railway station in Los Angeles upon her return from Chicago, when a Los Angeles police officer was assigned to escort her home)

Mae West

No Flex Zone' is when somebody walks in and accuses you of stealing their cellphone, and you didn't, and you know in your pocket you have enough money to buy their cellphone, and you have your own.

Slim Jimmy

“A book is a garden carried in the pocket”

Arabian Proverb

Practically everyone is going to have a general purpose computer in their pocket, it's so easy to underestimate that, that has got to be the really, really big one.

Marc Andreessen

“There is no praise to bear the sort that you put in your pocket.”