Points Related Quotes

“Right now there is no information that points to a specific date when tires will no longer be able to perform solely due to age.”

Dan Zielinski

“Everybody's aware of where we're at and how many points behind. We know we can't falter anymore at this point of the year.”

Roberto Luongo

I'd never really been in a series, where you see a man at different points and perspectives in his life. Usually it's a film, where I'm playing a character who just comes in and offers something up.

Ciaran Hinds

Thus to seek with ready-made concepts to penetrate into the inmost nature of things is to apply to the mobility of the real a method created in order to give stationary points of observation on it. . . .

Henri Bergson

“He's averaging about two points a game, but he can make that shot. He got on a major roll and easily played his best game. We're not a perimeter-oriented team. Heck, we probably made more 3s tonight (seven) than we have all season.”

Gary Meyer

“With some speculation that the RBNZ could have moved by 50 basis points, the end result was a market reaction consistent with an element of relief.”

Robin Clements

“2005 was an excellent year for ICG. The list of accomplishments is long and includes proof points of the value we built for our stockholders over the past year.”

Walter Buckley

At certain points if your life, you like doing more. I'm not sure what causes it or for what reasons; you just do it.

Clint Eastwood

“We have to get a better flow. We average 75 points per game, and we haven't had that for a while. Without Vaughn, we're missing 17 points, five assists, four steals.”

Ed Young

“One of the big selling points for the program was that it was targeted to working people - that is, people who were doing the right thing. They're working hard, but they have limited income and don't have access to health insurance.”

Candice King