Police Related Quotes

“This year the umpires have been instructed to actively police tagging, blocking and any contact in marking contests not directly aimed at winning the ball.”

Andrew Demetriou

“Team America: World Police”

Kim Jong Il

“There's too much of an emphasis on protecting the police. We want the police officers, everyone involved in this, names exposed, none hidden.”

David Bates

“We want to encourage anyone hearing this today that still has information to call the State Police today. As only parents can understand, what we seek from this is justice for Jill.”

Eric Behrman

“We are providing a sanctuary for God's people. You don't hear sirens and police cars going up and down around here.”

Haan Phelps

“I think we have too much police interference in this county as it is, ... There are plenty of police.”

Sarah Carter

“The Harvard University Police Department, among other university police forces, is endowed with the power of public police forces, including the power to arrest, but today does not comply with the rules of public reporting that bind public police forces.”

William Marra

“Once, he said he wanted to be a pilot and then he switched around and wanted to be a police officer.”

Arna Selimic

“a tragic loss that occurred. It's also tragic that many police officers have been hurt, men and women who are trying to protect democratically elected leaders and our necessary right to be able to discuss our common problems.”

Jacques Chirac

“Normally, I call the police station just about every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night to get people out of our parking lot.”

Charles Henry