Policy Related Quotes

“This is a policy violation. It is not a legal violation.”

Pete Crum

“We should not just be on auto pilot, ... Policy is and should be responsive to incoming data. We need to be open to reading that evidence, not just continuing a policy course that we thought we locked in.”

William Poole

“With both fiscal and monetary policy now set to tighten slightly next year, we remain comfortable with our forecast of a mere 1 percent expansion next year.”

Michael Dicks

“The main outlines of foreign policy are decided by the cabinet, not the foreign minister.”

Pran Chopra

“A catalyst for a higher Australian dollar versus New Zealand's dollar could be relative monetary policy, ... We expect the Reserve Bank of Australia to lift rates toward the end of the year and early next, while we expect New Zealand's economy to slow sharply next year.”

Ashley Davies

“The Fed may remove 'measured' or 'accommodative' from the policy statement.”

David Rosenberg

“The G-8 has clearly rejected the failed U.S. policy of voluntary programs to address global warming.”

David Hawkins

“We know there were certainly policy violations on the part of this correctional officer.”

Sally Daly

“Foreign policy issues are not the ones that are going to elect the president.”

Arturo Sarukhan

“I've read about foreign policy and studied - I know the number of continents (during his 1968 presidential campaign)”

George Wallace