Political Related Quotes

“[Because of Haiti's economic and political turmoil, the supposed 40,000 practicing artists suffer from a lack of exposure for their work and a loss of revenue.] The artists in Haiti support themselves as a peddler would here, selling their works on the street, ... I always thought that the high-quality artists should be seen up here. And it just seemed like this was the right time.”

Charles Marks

“It's, it's really been grim. I mean they realize that this is probably the biggest political crisis they've faced in the President's tenure. I think what they're trying to create now after two weeks is a level of engagement and urgency that the President created after three days, just three days after the 9/11 attacks. It's a major challenge.”

David Gregory

“We call on the king to release all political detainees and initiate a dialogue with the political parties. His continuing refusal to take these steps is leading his country further down the path of violence and disorder.”

Sean Mccormack

“This is not, from Union's perspective, a political fight. Sure, there are others who, for various reasons, are interested in having Ms. Petera deposed, but I am not advancing anyone's political agenda.”

Christopher Spencer

“It became a political issue. I guess I would characterize it as opinion versus fact.”

Randy Kugler

“We always knew there was a risk associated with Russia. But more than a political risk, it's a transit risk and a development risk.”

Christian Egenhofer

“There is an orderly and constitutional political process under way in Haiti,”

Richard Boucher

“Everybody agrees that we have to fix these levees. But declaring a state of emergency an hour before a political convention smacks much more of politics than it does of leadership. The governor has had many opportunities to fund and fix these levees before, and he hasn't done it.”

Eric Antebi

“Further reforms mean tough political moves. But with a mandate like this, Koizumi has no excuse not to carry through.”

Kazuo Mizuno

“No real English gentleman, in his secret soul, was ever sorry for the death of a political economist.”

Walter Bagehot