Position Related Quotes

“The president's position remains the same.”

Scott Mcclellan

“They're better than us at every position.”

Chris Hernandez

“We can't all be born to be king but we can all have a position where we can really aspire for ourselves and for our families to do the very best they possibly can,”

Charles Clarke

“We aren't a bit surprised. We never expected them to change their position. We just had to ask for reconsideration because it was a necessary step that needed to be taken before we could request the Utah Supreme Court to review the order.”

Claire Geddes

“Our position since 1992 has been to use the name they need to ask all of the (Seminoles).”

Sheridan Murphy

“Given the current outlook for industry volumes and cost challenges we are taking a more cautious position on our fiscal 2006 earnings. We now expect that earnings per share from continuing operations will be flat to slightly down compared with $1.79 from continuing operations reported in fiscal 2005.”

David Rayburn

“I think we're very fortunate to be in the position we're in considering how many opportunities early on we really let go.”

Alex Rodriguez

“We knew we never should have been in that position last year anyway for the game to be decided on that call.”

Allan Ray

“I felt like we put ourselves in a very good position to host. It's an opportunity we haven't had in a long time.”

Carol Owens

“If he is, I'm not seeing it, ... He's a competitor and obviously anyone in that position would be affected by it. But I haven't seen it mentally and I don't foresee it happening.”

Mike Mularkey