Possibility Related Quotes

“So many qualities are indeed requisite to the possibility of friendship, and so many accidents must concur to its rise and its continuance, that the greatest part of mankind content themselves without it, and supply its place as they can, with intere”

Samuel Johnson

“We see no reason to join. Freedom from military alliances gives us independence and the possibility to participate in all sorts of international partnership for peace.”

Laila Freivalds

“The Consumer Price Index released this week showed no decline, suggesting that the possibility of deflation is still low. Housing starts were stronger than expected, as were the leading indicators released today. All of these reports together could indicate the economy is ready to pick up growth.”

Frank Nothaft

“Like everyone else, I knew there was a possibility Jerry might not ride the whole winter, but I told him before the meet began that as long as he was still riding and the horse was doing well he'd have the mount. At the moment, Edgar has the call for the Hutcheson and we've committed to nothing else beyond that point. In this game you never want to get too far ahead of yourself.”

Frank Brothers

“It won't come here based on the possibility. It wants to know the city is committed.”

Dan Tilley

“[A sign-and-trade deal might be a possibility if Michael Redd truly desires to go elsewhere and another team is willing to negotiate a swap with the Bucks.] I think there are some obvious ones, ... Everyone knows that Cleveland wanted him. Dallas had put an offer out on him a couple years ago. Everybody knows that George Karl (Nuggets and former Bucks coach) is still in this game. Reggie Miller is leaving Indiana, and he's a two (guard). Those are just four teams off the gate.”

Kevin Poston

“In theory there is a possibility of perfect happiness: To believe in the indestructible element within one, and not to strive towards it.”

Franz Kafka

“In the possibility that there is going to be severe weather, one has to listen to their local jurisdiction with regard to what they would do anyplace else if they were living in a flood plain and if they need to evacuate, they need to evacuate.”

Eugene Brezany

“Concern about the possibility that blood transfusion or organ donation may have transmitted West Nile infection to recipients of organs from a single donor has prompted the ongoing investigation that is now under way,”

James Hughes

“There was no possibility that anyone could survive the impact. It is very likely that everyone died instantly,”

Alberto Gonzalez