Possible Related Quotes

“We're here to provide as much protection as possible. We're here to save lives first, and then do as much as we can to protect property.”

Dan Ware

“We haven't concluded yet which towns or when, ... It is very possible that in some of the Palestinian towns, the handing over of responsibility will happen in the coming days. We are due to meet again to finalize the issues.”

Shaul Mofaz

“It's more difficult than it's ever been. It's possible, but I think it's a little less probable than maybe it was 20 years ago.”

Nick Saban

“It's possible that the C fragment may still come back again.”

Hal Weaver

“It was good we could diagnose it as rapidly as possible. I know that even in advanced countries the diagnosis can be two weeks.”

H.k. Pradhan

“The child's situation raises a variety of issues that will need to be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. The disposition of the child may ultimately be decided by the courts.”

Dan Kane

“I wanted to show them that anything is possible. If you try hard and believe in the Lord and let him guide your life, you can accomplish whatever you want.”

Gary Brackett

“I know Gerry would like to know something, yes or no, as soon as possible,”

Paul Tracy

Try to always stay focused on the objectives that are possible and the positive - and on having fun outside of the stuff that's going on in Washington.

Rush Limbaugh

“I won't be surprised if he plays. He's played on a broken ankle, ... We want him as clean as possible and take the least amount of hits.”

Hank Fraley