Post Related Quotes

“It's a great feeling to have a guy like (Brand). Especially because he's a low-post guy and he can shoot the mid-range jumper. It's great to play with him, he opens up a lot for everybody else.”

Vladimir Radmanovic

“They are post-literate, twelve-images-per-second beings.”

Hal Rothman

“If he misses his break, he still can rush up from an outside post. For him to be competitive in Grade AA, I think he needs to clear the first turn in the top three.”

Ron Otto

?You can't have an ex post facto?

Barry Lewis

“Our estimate of $340 million in advisory revenue easily places the quarter as the highest for the firm post-bubble, and should move 2005 advisory revenues about 28% over the prior year.”

David Trone

“In the post, they are not as big as we are, so we may have an advantage in size and that might make her go zone against us.”

Scott Kinsaul

“We wanted to put the emphasis on our post game with Padgett out. We did that. We obviously got out to a big lead because of that.”

Aaron Gray

“We can't get a 6-foot-6 post player every year. You have to coach what walks through the door.”

Spencer Mayfield

“It's such a luxury to have girls like the Novacek girls who can catch the ball in the post and move the way they can.”

Chris Raso

“This is the first year [since 1992] USA Gymnastics has promoted a [post-Olympic] tour by themselves, and they've gone about it wrong. I don't agree with the athletes' being asked to sign something they don't believe in and the bad-mouthing of athletes for signing on one tour instead of the other. To have that coming down from the top of your governing body is just not right.”

Shannon Miller