Potential Related Quotes

“Through this sponsorship, potential investors will know of Yum! Brands and begin to associate the company with our leading restaurant brands.”

David Novak

“I don't think I swam up to my potential. It would have been nice to have another gold.”

Ray Toomey

“India is definitely one of the markets where we can expect growth and a potential to do well.”

Carlos Ghosn

“With more than 10 million UK households now using broadband Internet access, these findings suggest great potential for the online distribution of video content. As the base of users grows, access speeds increase, and the range of video available online expands to include more premium content, such as recent movies.”

Senior Analyst

“[But outbreaks of violence in New Orleans hinted at the potential for wider unrest and further call-ups, which could reveal weaknesses elsewhere in the nation.] What do we do if there is a terrorist attack? ... We're increasing our risk.”

Lawrence Korb

“Corn futures have the potential to explode higher due to increased demand from ethanol production.”

Chris Kraft

“He has a lot of talent, and he has a lot of growing to do. He has some real potential. He has to continue to grow and learn in our system. He has a heck of an arm, but he has to learn to make good decisions ? throw to the open guys and not turn the ball over. He's got a bright future ahead of him.”

Danny Langsdorf

“Fiscal year 2002 will likely prove to be challenging under any circumstances, but we believe longer-term rewards outweigh potential risks.”

Rebecca Runkle

“The company's financial advisors conducted a comprehensive solicitation of potential bidders and provided the board with a thorough evaluation of those expressions of interest received from interested bidders.”

Chuck Neinas

“We remain committed to obtaining leading market positions in emerging markets where enormous potential exists and are actively pursuing a number of further opportunities.”

Martin Higginson