Prepared Related Quotes

“The term sheet, a summary of the terms the investor is prepared to accept, is a key part of the venture capital process. We feel that entrepreneurs seeking venture capital funding will find the survey results very helpful.”

Scott Gardner

“I?m more prepared for this distance this year.”

Sopagna Eap

“It's very tense work -- we have to be careful. Pirates are very well armed and we have to be prepared for attacks on us as well as on the commercial shipping in the area.”

Commander Alexis Latty

“I prepared in the long run, conditioning and training, with Coach Cochrane and Christina Winkler, our assistant coach. ... I really didn't expect a provisional at all.”

Sean Bergstedt

“I have total confidence in my abilities. My thing is, I pride myself on being fully prepared when I step on the field, whatever it takes. Whether it takes studying extra film or doing extra work in the weight room.”

D'qwell Jackson

“We were prepared to proceed.”

Debbie Buchanan

“They were a well-prepared football team and they capitalized on the mistakes. Sometimes mistakes happen and teams do not capitalize on them. They did a great job of doing that. They're a good football team. We have to go back to the drawing board and fix the problem.”

Claude Brown

“We were prepared for a more difficult ride than we wound up with. An S&P; 500 of 3 percent is not terrific, but it's not a bad year.”

Dorsey Farr

“They were very prepared and they learned their lines sooner than some of the other casts I've directed.”

David Young

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

H. Jackson Brown Jr.