Present Related Quotes

“Clearly, under present law, the higher income folks benefit the most from those two aspects of the tax code.”

Connie Mack

“A small number of advanced Web sites will present some problems. But the vast majority of sites will work fine.”

Eric Krock

Poetry is often the art of overhearing yourself say things you didn't know you knew. It is a learned skill to force yourself to articulate your life, your present world or your possibilities for the future.

David Whyte

Practice remembrance of the present moment, again and again.

Roger Housden

“The family told me of the devastating emotion of her departure. Both her husband and her son Jim were present and very distraught that this was happening. There was little time for them to talk to her or say goodbye.”

Dr. Penny Ballem

“He failed to meet his obligation ... to be present on time,”

Gerald Harris

“The case turns on Kennedy. I don't think Justice O'Connor will be present when the court's decision is issued. So her vote is no longer one that is in the calculus.”

Douglas Kmiec

“We have brought together some incredibly talented performers, and we're pleased that we can present a free show for both the Galesburg community and all the alumni who come back for Homecoming.”

Carol Brown

“Recognize your history, in the present, to know your future.”

Helene Lagerberg

It will not always be easy, but it will always be beautiful.

Charlotte Eriksson