Press Related Quotes

“We felt like we could full-court press the whole game. We knew we could sub out and not get tired. We felt we were stronger in that area.”

Darren Mathews

“The editors thought if you didn't publish it, much of this would go away. Associated Press kept on wanting pictures, and The News would be slow on letting them have them, so they flooded the town with photographers. The AP started sending pictures all over, and it mushroomed.”

Ed Jones

“There are always some people who will say negative things just to get attention from the press, ... Our forecast is realistic. It's not spectacular. There are some lagging factors such as unemployment and energy costs that could bring it down. At this time we don't anticipate changing our forecast.”

Ellen Tolley

“Contrary to press accounts, I did not warn the president about anything and was very respectful of his Constitutional authority on the appointment of federal judges,”

Arlen Specter

“Our press was passive early on. They were splitting us with the dribble real easy.”

Wayne Burnette

A free press can only exist where there is private control over the means of production

Ludwig Von Mises

“We struggle against teams that press us, as well as teams that play a zone and it just so happens that every team we have been playing on the road has been pressuring us.”

Dustin Salisbery

?The biggest part of that was their press turned us over probably three, four, five times in a row and they converted that into baskets. Once that happened, we couldn't get it stopped.?

Barry Borchers

“This is an undercover operation. They were trying to mislead bad guys and, yes, they did mislead the press.”

David Kirby

Everyone asks for freedom for himself, The man free love, the businessman free trade, The writer and talker free speech and free press.

Robert Frost