Pressure Related Quotes

“There are a growing number of investors who believe the market has hit bottom. Investors with cash are feeling pressure to get in. Good markets beget good markets.”

Hugh Johnson

“[Robert Morris , director of equity with Lord Abbott and Co., likes stocks that have been under selling pressure and are ready for a bounce.] What I think is key with Xerox is that we got down here because this company had a near death experience financially, ... I think that with a little profits, with better cash management and some new product announcements, I think this is priced at a level where a relatively few number of points can give you a big percentage gain.”

Robert Morris

“Physically, I felt great out there. He didn't put me under that much pressure.”

Lleyton Hewitt

“It's a sigh of relief. Now it takes a lot of pressure of me and we can start looking at the future a little bit.”

Peyton Sellers

“We haven't set any targets ??? we've too young a side for that. It would be wrong to put pressure on them. But we'll get stronger as the season goes on.”

Adrian Fitzpatrick

“We are not putting pressure on others. We are calling for contributions.”

Ali Rodriguez

“It's got to catch up to you at some stage. How long can you keep taking that pressure?”

Pat Rafter

“That's huge. He's a leader and steps up and sets the tone. When's he's struggling, it puts added pressure on the rest of the team.”

Matt Campbell

“Kellen Byrnes did an outstanding job against the press tonight. He handled the pressure very well.”

Dave Doemel

“We knew our shots were struggling. We just kept fighting and started getting some shots to fall. We put pressure on the ball and turned it into more baskets. It was big for us to get a win going into the SEC Tournament.”

C.j. Watson