Pressure Related Quotes

“We all went into the bathroom and the pressure dropped immediately. I could feel it in my ears. After about two minutes the ceiling fell and the lights went out.”

Paul Skinner

“I think the key word here was persistency. We just kept putting pressure on them, believed in our system and sooner or later, we would get the breaks to win the game.”

Mark Adams

?They came in and took my blood pressure about 10 minutes after the game, and it was off the charts,?

Barry Alvarez

“We've faced some good pitchers, but some guys have also been pressing and putting too much pressure on themselves. We finally had a good day at the plate.”

Chuck Fehr

“I don't think people really understand just how much pressure there is on her. I think she is doing fine.”

Cristie Kerr

“Oh, (the pressure is) on us, we can't afford to lose again (in the league). (Central is) two games up on us. Even if we pull the upset, they're a game up on us.”

Dale Corbett

“This is a very simple system to find where pressure builds up and to solve it. Using it we could have prevented last year's quake off Indonesia, and the deadly tsunami that followed after it.”

Meny Nachman

“Good position, good pressure, being patient, being assertive. There was no rush to do things, we were patient. We've grown accustomed to that kind of performance, otherwise we wouldn't have won our division.”

Mike Modano

“The network is coming under pressure as we move into a highly fractionalized market -- they are continuing to take market share.”

Chris Dixon

“There's still a lot of pressure for fares to go higher. We've got a robust enough economy that we can raise fares, and ... that will bring a lot of relief to the industry.”

Darryl Jenkins