Pressures Related Quotes

“not succumb to suggestions or pressures that they leave.”

Warren Christopher

“I think it's still too soon to say this is a sign that fundamental inflationary pressures are cooling off just yet. And I think commodities are due for another leg up -- this has been a correction in a still more fundamental longer-term trend up.”

Paul Kasriel

“I'm taking nothing away from Michigan State - they do a great job with their pressures, with the kind of presses and defenses they throw out - but at the same time, we just weren't making very good decisions.”

Cheryl Burnett

“There will be some pressures on households, and that will be particularly true if we have a cold winter and natural-gas prices go up even further.”

William Poole

“That suggests that we are getting some inflationary pressures building in the pipeline,”

Nariman Behravesh

“Channel checks reveal PC pricing pressures continue to ratchet up, with no indications of easing until mid-2001. We also believe that notebook demand, one of Intel's strongest drivers, has slowed, leaving Intel with less cushion relative to its overall exposure to the PC industry.”

Charlie Glavin

“These tendencies, ... may be further exacerbated by additional pressures on pricing created by the recent hurricanes in the Gulf area.”

Suzanne Cook

“With UK growth remaining weak and below trend, and with inflationary pressures easing, we urge the (Bank of England's) monetary policy committee to consider an early interest rate cut.”

David Frost

“The Empire State report was strong ... and the selling pressures stayed there.”

George Goncalves

“The main point is that the Asian shock is creating deflationary pressures throughout many commodities as well as energy, so I think this is long-lived.”

William Hummer