Prices Related Quotes

“We kept painfully layering on more technology at the end of the year as prices got worse and worse,”

Dan Barker

“Instead, if the hurricane contributes to even higher gas prices, the effect is likely to be broad-based, as consumers look to trim spending further. We do not anticipate a wholesale retrenchment, but we could see more trading down and less discretionary expenditures.”

Merrill Lynch

“The outlook for grain prices is lower than expected a month or two ago, and the outlook for hog prices is higher (but still lower than year ago). Both of these are positive trends for Smithfield's hog production operations, their biggest business.”

David Nelson

“The results reflect a strong, solid and successful market - there were some very high prices but participating collectors remain focused and controlled.”

Christopher Burge

“Consumers are benefiting from the decline in retail gasoline prices and that should continue going forward. The job market does seem to be improving, or at least getting back into a more normal pace after the hurricanes.”

Dean Maki

Freedom battles are not fought without paying heavy prices.

Mahatma Gandhi

I take the market-efficiency hypothesis to be the simple statement that security prices fully reflect all available information.

Eugene Fama

“Global markets have a much bigger effect on prices and wages in the U.S. and elsewhere than they did before.”

Kenneth Rogoff

Israel will not tolerate Iran developing nuclear power, even if Iran claims it is for peaceful purposes. If there is an attack, oil prices will go through the roof.

Robert Kiyosaki

“This is coming in an environment where consumers are being challenged by higher interest rates and energy prices.”

Carl Tannenbaum