Printing Related Quotes

The printing press was at first mistaken for an engine of immortality by everybody except Shakespeare.

Marshall Mcluhan

“It certainly is a gray area. Most news organizations are fairly skittish about printing the names of juveniles unless they're being charged as adults.”

Wendell Cochran

The government can't create jobs; they'll destroy jobs trying to do it. The government doesn't have any money; all they have is a printing press. We need to free markets to create jobs; if the government wants to help, they should reduce their burden on the economy.

Peter Schiff

University printing presses exist, and are subsidised by the Government for the purpose of producing books which no one can read; and they are true to their high calling.

Francis Cornford

I think future generations will see the invention of the Internet as having been as important as the invention of the printing press. It's the democratizing tool of all tools. As long as no one can control the flow of information, then freedom always has a chance.

Marianne Williamson

What the printing press is to Christianity in the 16th century, that's what the Internet is doing to Islam now. It has opened up the monopoly over the interpretation of Islam that used to solely belong to the religious class.

Reza Aslan

Science, as illustrated by the printing press, the telegraph, the railway, is a double-edged sword. At the same moment that it puts an enormous power in the hands of the good man, it also offers an equal advantage to the evil disposed.

Richard Jefferies

The world got enamored with smartphones and tablets, but what's interesting is those devices don't do everything that needs to be done. Three-D printing, virtual-reality computing, robotics are all controlled by PCs.

Michael Dell

Transforms old print To zigzag manuscript, and cheats the eyes Of gallery critics by a thousand arts.

William Cowper

For me, typography is a triangular relationship between design idea, typographic elements, and printing technique.

Wolfgang Weingart