Probably Related Quotes

“Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Carol Rees

“It's probably the most significant game that we have played since I've been here.”

Guy Morriss

“All of this is Monday morning quarterbacking. If you or I were in there we'd probably have done a much worse job. His great legacy was his pragmatism. He was cautious.”

Christian Stracke

“If you have a procedure with 10 parameters, you probably missed some.”

Alan Perlis

“probably because the core audience is like me.”

Dan Byrd

“That was a well-executed defensive play. That kind of set the tone as this was probably the best defensive game we've played all year. We only committed one error, and if we can play defense like that, then we'll win games.”

Chuck Grant

“I was in one big rush, that's probably why I'm taking so long. I should have just taken my time in Spring Training and I'd probably be ready now. I want to be out there. I wanted to throw more today, but we're going step by step.”

Yorvit Torrealba

“Retailers in the city who really depended on this last rush are probably not going to get what they expected.”

Wendy Liebmann

“He never was my best range player. He was probably the quickest guy I ever coached.”

Larry Penley

“It's tough to throw over Shawn Marion. If you throw it over Shawn Marion, you're probably throwing it out of bounds.”

Alvin Gentry