Probably Related Quotes

“We have a good face-off team and that's important. We also had some good short sticks and that's probably the best thing we do: we get in transition and our short sticks have been producing. I still don't think we're scoring the way I would like but we're a young team and we'll get better.”

Rob Bordley

“I would think the adage of going away in May probably won't hold this year.”

Robert Balentine

“As a budget percentage, [online] continues to be fairly small. It's probably one of the ones where we're spending the most time learning.”

Susanne Lyons

“Bob is probably the most beloved guy out here. He is a fixture here. He really, really cares so much about this event.”

Gary Williams

“It's probably going to go higher from here.”

Chris Mennis

“If I packaged toothpaste and told you you were gonna get half the toothpaste in the tube, you probably wouldn't buy it.”

Nicole Kidman

“We probably won't be able to actually build a new house for a while, because of the (sewer) moratorium. What our first project may well be instead is a rehab project, taking an existing home and improving it so that it is inhabitable.”

George Lewis

“If I was watching this club I would probably say that it's vulnerable, but knowing this club I wouldn't say that. It's only natural that there is going to be a loss of intensity under the circumstances we've been playing. You can't do anything about it.”

Dave Duncan

“We need a team effort to cover for him. We don't have anybody who will probably hit 15 home runs, but we have a couple of kids with power.”

Cory Miller

“But you can find it easily from Tasmania to North America to the mountains of South Africa. It's probably growing outside my front door.”

Charles Nelson