Probably Related Quotes

“Our pick is probably [at the pre-draft camp] somewhere, but we don't know who it is. There's a lot of good players here. Our job is to try to figure out which one best fits our team. Whoever it is, she is probably not going to get a ton of minutes. Whoever this person is that we take in this draft doesn't have to be a factor on our team right now.”

Mike Thibault

“My disappointment - my big disappointment - is because six fugitives are still at large, most probably in Serbia, and that includes, of course, Mladic,”

Carla Del Ponte

“We suspect the transmission would be very low on airline flights, ... but probably not zero.”

Curtis Allen

“We've got four excellent receivers and two or three others behind them that are probably as good as many starters on some other teams. I've never had a receiving core this good. This is an outstanding core, one of the best groups of athletes I've ever had.”

Mike Mason

“That's one of the reasons why we think the U.S. dollar probably should strengthen going into the Fed meeting toward the end of the month.”

Craig Ferguson

“If you're going to put it on a scale of one to ten, it's probably some place between a nine and one-half and above.”

George Cohen

“I'm sure that if I weren't a Christian, I would probably end up like Chris Farley.”

Victoria Jackson

“There are probably more (now) than there were 100 years ago. It's kind of neat that they've come back. (Decades ago) they were very, very rare -- anywhere.”

Ward Stone

“I'm sure Mario probably is chomping at the bit. I would be, too.”

Darryl Tapp

“He's probably gotten more opportunities than a kid who's a bad person. Walt's not a bad person.”

Rick Stansbury