Probably Related Quotes

“Just take baby steps, a little bit at a time. It'd probably be overwhelming if you're not used to it the way we have, so I just think you have to continue to talk to your kids on all levels.”

Charlie Richardson

“I said earlier this season that this is probably the worst rebounding team we've had here in 15 years and today was a perfect example of why. Forget the fact that we're probably not big enough or athletic enough in some positions, we get caught a lot of times standing around. We were really fortunate that Pitt didn't capitalize.”

Geno Auriemma

“That's hogwash. They found the ban was ineffective. It probably would have been voted down anyway.”

Richard Pearson

“She said, 'You should do the house,' and I said we probably should. She was pretty excited, so we did it for her.”

Yadira Gomez

“It would probably be a nonprofit.”

Eileen Brady

“Our last place team could have probably won many conferences across the nation. That's the good thing about it (Big Ten). It spears the athletes on and pushes them to better performances and that is why we are here.”

Jack Warner

“He's kind of the Mr. Versatility this year. He's probably our best all-around guy.”

Shawn Trent

“Corporate treasurers are getting a bit nervous about the equity market, ... They are probably concerned about some spread widening that could come with a deeper decline inequities.”

Anthony Crescenzi

“We vaulted the best we have vaulted and probably ... had one of the best (floor) performances of the year. The debacle on bars and beam really cost us.”

Ray Corn

“That was it, probably. Unfortunately, we came up a little short.”

Larry Walker