Process Related Quotes

“It was a bigger process than I envisioned, but it was a great project to work on. I had a great time. It was awesome.”

Dave Mcdonald

“It's a very difficult process, because of the 40 or 50 structures that are nominated, we have to analyze what structures will be served best by the listing.”

David Bahlman

“I find it curious that the NRC lawyers actually aggressively try to exclude citizens from the process.”

Richard Webster

“His announcement to leave was a surprise because we were in the process of negotiations to retain him, as we were with Free.”

Stephen Hill

“We are delighted and honored to have her working in Edgecombe County, ... This process was one of the toughest, and through it all she gave a lot of credit to the students, parents and staff at Stocks. This school is doing great things, and Andrea is the epitome of that.”

Steve Stone

“It was turbulent times. We grew like crazy, crashed, had to downsize, go through the contraction process. It just continues to point out the need to be a more diversified company.”

Rick Hajec

“I think there needs to be a heightened sensitivity of athletic directors who are doing the hiring process. I'm proposing to see if we could develop a list of what I deem to be the important necessary skills to be a head coach at a high level.”

C. Vivian Stringer

“Most seniors are so overwhelmed that they need assistance. The process is needlessly complicated--a real headache.”

Dan Koski

“That's an impossible process,”

Phil Leigh

“So the integration available today makes the process much more affordable.”

Clint Oram