Processes Related Quotes

“Cynosure is a great example of how our solution is helping customers to streamline their electrical and mechanical design processes. Our open integration platform enables data sharing with various environments and promotes collaboration across all disciplines involved in the product development process.”

Chuck Cimalore

“We've got some looseness in our structures and our processes, ... We have to get away from managing and reporting to leading and driving.”

Mark Hurd

“ADIOS relies on a statistical method for pattern extraction and on structured generalization – two processes that have been implicated in language acquisition, ... Our experiments show that it can acquire intricate structures from raw data, including transcripts of parents' speech directed at two- or three-year-olds. This may eventually help researchers understand how children, who learn language in a similar item-by-item fashion and with very little supervision, eventually master the full complexities of their native tongue.”

Shimon Edelman

“It all boils down to processes optimization and which of [a company's] processes can be impacted by RFID.”

Keith Gile

“Across HP, there are thousands of people who contribute to open source. We have a number of processes and tools we've developed to allow different folks in HP to interact with the open source community that protects our intellectual property and is done in a community-friendly way. We needed to get some pretty crack procedures together. The team doing that has developed some interesting tools.”

Christine Martino

“Productivity (is) Process Driven”

Vince L Desalvo

“There was no automation of key processes, and no integration between systems, leading to a lack of visibility.”

Warren Cook

“Often insurance companies buy applications on a silo-by-silo basis. They'll lack integration across processes or even similar systems. But we're now seeing the development of business process management philosophies or managing entire processes. That requires technologies to deal with the content that affects decisions along the process.”

Cynthia Saccocia

“We think eBay may have revised its processes enough to minimize its liability. However, at minimum, eBay would be liable for the original $25 million.”

Robert Peck

“This is not a single technique, but really a research approach which takes the individual processes that are often studied in isolation and links them together in a model. This is an approach for making full use of the fundamental research in field-scale studies.”

Carl Steefel