Procreation Related Quotes

So long as procreation stems from parents of the same race, appearance and lineage are typically congruent. Interracial unions give rise to added complexity. Interracial amalgamation will produce some individuals whose features diverge from those commonly ascribed to the races of their ancestors.

Randall Kennedy

...the ethical system that will dominate the world-state will be shaped primarily to favor the procreation of what is fine and efficient and beautiful in humanity - beautiful and strong bodies, clear and powerful minds - and to check the procreation of base and servile type.

H. G. Wells

“The "L" word is one of the most widely used yet wrongly represented words. It is the most desired taboo, the greatest fantasy and cause of most failures in human history. It is soothing yet lethal, necessary but difficult to posses. It may even be the source or the goal of religion. And for all these definitional challenges, calling the physical harmony of two or more bodies "making love" can be very confusing, consuming and even confronting.”

Rayka Kumru

Of children as of procreation -- the pleasure momentary, the posture ridiculous, the expense damnable

Evelyn Waugh

Scoring high in procreation, got an A studying female anatomy.

Alice Cooper

The abortion controversy is important for what it says about our stance toward procreation and children altogether.

Leon Kass

“Living substance conquers the frenzy of destruction only in the ecstasy of procreation.”

Walter Benjamin

One of the aims of sexual union is procreation - the creation by reproduction of an image of itself, of the union.

Mortimer Adler

A freakish homunculus germinated outside of lawful procreation.

Henry Arthur Jones