Producing Related Quotes

“Does it really make sense for countries who really are producing very little IP of their own to be signing on to the strongest IP standards in the world? ... What's the advantage to them?”

Lael Brainard

“That facility very well may have been producing pharmaceuticals.”

James Foley

“We hope now to put this case behind us. We're producing more power, with fewer emissions — and we'll be reducing emissions even further in the coming years.”

Willard Bowers

“Florida State has a long tradition of producing great defensive backs like Samari Rolle (no relation) and Deion Sanders,”

Samari Rolle

“Vibrating my vocal chords and producing multiple overtones with deep sounds while chanting the mantras is the specialty of the album.”

Ngawang Tashi Bapu

“We want to be able to pay our own way. We are a revenue-producing sport. We do it ourselves, there's no paid coaches, no salaries. We travel well, we have nice equipment. We do great trips with the kids. We treat it like a Division I program.”

Mike Martino

“In many cases our operations are producing record volumes, with production records set in iron ore, molybdenum, coking coal, bauxite, alumina and upgraded titanium slag in 2005.”

Leigh Clifford

“DNA films are delighted to continue our relationship with Danny Boyle and Alex Garland by producing and financing their exciting science fiction film.”

Andrew Macdonald

“One of the reasons that TSU was selected was because TSU has a track record of producing graduates who have gone on and done well in the intelligence community. This gives us an opportunity to add to our stature in this area and really help the intelligence community diversify the talent pool.”

William Lawson

“A mode of transferring property without producing any intermediate good”

Samuel Johnson