Productivity Related Quotes

“Productivity was obviously a good number. If it can continue to exist while unemployment remains at historically low levels, that says good things about the economy.”

Alex Motola

“All M&A; news is strong support for the stock market. European shares remain attractive. Productivity gains will allow European companies to have good earnings in 2006.”

Guillaume Duchesne

“Reviews are an effective way to gauge an employees' productivity and discuss career growth. However, unless managers give constructive feedback, they can forget about building a dialogue with workers and run the risk of losing top talent to other companies.”

Raymond Roe

“The other productivity gain is being able to get the right people to the right meetings so decisions can be made more quickly.”

Mark Lamon

“Usually coming out of a recession, you get a real spurt in productivity, which we got, but now things are settling down to what by historical standards are still very strong gains in productivity.”

David Wyss

“While this technology expands accessibility and productivity, it introduces complexity and security risk as wireless networks and handheld mobile devices become a new target for hackers and thieves.”

Sarah Hicks

?There might have been a little interpretation into the comment where he (Greenspan) says productivity will slow at some point, causing the market to not have the catalyst to go (significantly) higher today.?

Barry Hyman

“We continue to be long-term believers in the productivity enhancing benefits that technology brings to corporations and consumers and we've seen a tremendous adoption of technology over the last few years.”

Eric Wiegand

“There haven't been significant structural reforms that suggest the productivity will improve in the next three or four years.”

Carmen Nuzzo

“The numbers show a pretty solid economy that doesn't look poised just yet for a slowdown, ... The productivity numbers are encouraging, but I don't think they're enough to rule out higher rates.”

Doug Porter