Products Related Quotes

“Cardinal is gaining a lot of market share, increasing margins and acquiring proprietary products that they can sell at a higher profit.”

Rick Drake

“We've identified about 50 of these and we're going to start shipping them in our ERP products starting this fall.”

James Utzschneider

“You're really setting the tone that Bristol can deliver $1 billion-plus products to market. That's something that a lot of people have been skeptical of.”

Patrick Kaser

“We view small businesses as critically important, and we are investing significantly in bringing products and resources to market to help them grow and thrive.”

Cindy Bates

“Volkswagen sells only 2.8 percent of its products in the same segments as Porsche. An overlap first starts to become relevant for antitrust authorities when it is 25 to 33 percent.”

Wendelin Wiedeking

“The ovens are always on with products in them. There's a tremendously beautiful smell that's generated in the store. What we're trying to do is called show and sell.”

Stew Leonard Jr

“We are committed to using safe, environmentally friendly products.”

Robin Murphy

“Basically, we do it to showcase our products to celebrities.”

Deanna Anderson

“I think what we're going to do is offer the full spectrum of our customer financial products, ... can aspire to.”

Marty Heires

“[Symbol Technologies is] not a household name but everybody knows their products. They're a bar coding company, so when you return an Avis car that's the bar coding that they're doing, ... They are a productivity improver. They need capital spending from corporate America but when that comes back, we think that the stock, which was at $40 two years ago, has about 50 percent upside.”

David Katz