Products Related Quotes

“People should try eating no animal products for just ONE DAY a week.”

Casey Affleck

“They know food and wine. And they said we had some of the best products there. For them to say that was really something.”

Carol Cohee

“There's been no official statement about blood transfusions or the blood products-related AIDS epidemic.”

Wan Yanhai

“The Chinese wine industry sees vast growth potential for high-end products in the near future, and in the international market.”

Zhou Hongjiang

“Having more or less traveled together, refined products and crude have become disconnected in recent weeks.”

Andrew Harrington

The beauty one can find in art is one of the pitifully few real and lasting products of human endeavor.

J. Paul Getty

“Ideas and products are Jacks and Queens, but cash is king.”

Lily Chatterjee

“We've been able to use NAFTA. We import a lot more products to fill niches. We don't have to assemble them locally. We've consolidated a lot around pickup trucks. Rather than build everything to sell in Mexico, you can ship finished products back and forth. You get the production efficiencies of scale.”

Rick Wagoner

“Sun is coming out with something like this later than IBM ( Profile , Products , Articles ) or Microsoft ( Profile , Products , Articles ) .”

Shawn Willett

“We're having one of our mildest winters, yet crude and products futures are rallying. There's a tremendous amount of speculative money going into energy futures.”

James Cordier