Profanity Related Quotes

“Orchestras only need to be sworn at, and a German is consequently at an advantage with them, as English profanity, except in America, has not gone beyond a limited technology of perdition.”

George Bernard Shaw

War's a profanity because, let's face it, you've got two opposing sides trying to settle their differences by killing as many of each other as they can.

Norman Schwarzkopf

I'm always fighting with profanity and Christian comedy. I'm telling you, it's always a fight. Because my father said to me, he said, 'Well, Kym, I feel like comics and people that use profanity, you have a lack of vocabulary, actually, a whole lot.'

Kym Whitley

Profanity is the result of a weak mind trying to express itself forcably.

Randall Dale Adams

All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity.

Gordie Howe

[Barton ] Gellman printed a great anecdote: he showed two Google engineers a slide that showed how the NSA was doing this, and the engineers "exploded in profanity."

Edward Snowden

No parent can consistently teach faith in Christ who profanes the name of Deity. Profanity is never heard in the well-ordered home. Swearing is a vice that bespeaks a low standard of breeding. Blasphemous exclamations drive out all spirit of reverence.

David O. Mckay

I'd heard that Lenny Bruce used a lot of profanity and obscenities in his act, and I was curious.

Sheldon Harnick

Conversations I have had with school principals and students lead me to the same conclusion-that...there is an evil and growing habit of profanity and the use of foul and filthy language.

Gordon B. Hinckley

profanity and obscenity entitle people who don't want unpleasant information to close their ears and eyes to you.

Kurt Vonnegut