Program Related Quotes

“It's a brand new program, and as time goes on we will make it a lot more cohesive.”

Chris Irizarry

The Art of Elysium is a program I've volunteered with for close to ten years, and I work with Unicef and Young Storytellers. My passion is really working with children since they are the future.

Danielle Panabaker

“They had to take responsibility for themselves. This is huge for the Swedish program, and maybe the Finns can see some light, as well.”

Cassie Campbell

“There's a lot of angst with the president proposing to eliminate the program.”

Harrison Wadsworth

“Since this is a new program, we would begin with the larger accounts first. The basic theory is to provide protection for these accounts, which unfortunately can tend to disappear.”

David Hudson

“He's the kind of kid you want in your program because not only is he extremely talented, but you never have to worry that you're getting every little bit of effort he has.”

Sonny Lubick

“Joy's been an outstanding addition to our program. Joy will be an outstanding coach for Hurley basketball, and we have such an outstanding program. We're already organized down to the fourth grade again.”

Dave Meade

“The Navy will need congressional and administration leadership in finding creative solutions for the submarine program, or the current course will continue.”

Dan Blumenthal

“It is in this aspect and also in providing the loan component of the program that we are expecting the support of the government and private financing institutions. We are also looking forward for the support and participation of the local government units on the matter,”

Ramon Magsaysay

“[Some lawmakers are also skeptical.] This type of pay-for-performance program will give government bureaucrats more say over what's good treatment, ... a government bureaucrat will decide what performance we pay for.”

Charlie Norwood