Program Related Quotes

“It says a lot about our program and where we came from and hopefully where we're going to go.”

Chad Pennington

It is easier to drive a stake through the heart of a blood-sucking vampire than to kill off a money-sucking and useless government program.

Cal Thomas

“I'm really glad to be a part of this team and this program. It's been very emotional for me, especially the last three games.”

D.j. Shockley

“We are executing very well on the Niagara program. We would really like to show all the evidence we have, not just some virtual benchmarks.”

David Yen

“I am committed to implementing [the] program on which you elected me a year ago. It is a program based on negotiations and peaceful settlement with Israel.”

Mahmoud Abbas

“Our executive MBA program in Dallas began as a training program at Texas Instruments.”

George Gau

“If I get drafted, it would really be great for the Monmouth program in terms of getting the name out there. They've been so good to me, it would be nice to give something back to them.”

Miles Austin

“We are offering this program so residents can learn to eat healthy, have a healthy heart, and thereby live longer.”

Cory Thomas

I think that somebody with the resources and innovation and the idea is going to come out of nowhere and come up with a successful space travel program.

Kevin J. Anderson

“He took a program that was 4-16 and 0-20 a couple of years before he came and was able to right the ship.”

Eric Anderson