Programming Related Quotes

“A la carte isn't a great way to sell networks. It's also the wrong way to sell programming. Most TV shows don't sell on their own.”

Glenn Britt

“We are asking the government to intervene on behalf of all Canadians. CBC should be providing local programming that caters to the country's different communities rather than abandoning its public service mandate by getting foreign news and entertainment shows to fill the gaps in its service.”

Aidan White

“The vast majority of our customers have no need and no desire to be programming their robots. But there are a few people out there who really enjoy hacking things.”

Helen Greiner

“Providers of television content creation, packaging, programming, and distribution must act quickly. They have to implement strategies that will serve a fragmented audience and also fund new delivery channels, whether it is mobile devices, the Internet, or on-demand TV and IPTV [Internet Protocol TV].”

Saul Berman

“It's a huge move for us. Since we became a nonprofit, we've been steadily expanding our programming, offering fellowships, making the organization do much more programmatically. But we've been limited by our space.”

Eve Bridburg

“You're going to see enormously strong products like the Olympics and Monday Night Football remain strong network programming, and you are going to see programming that controls audiences on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon ... [that will] still be attractive to a certain degree to the over-the-air networks, ... But then [for other sports programming] you are going to see a migration to cable.”

David Stern

“Programming trends tend to run in cycles, as the networks program content that works until it becomes overly saturated.”

Steve Sternberg

“Funds raised by the Tin Cup Tea allow for important programming and operational improvements that otherwise could not happen. These cultural institutions play an important role in preserving Nevada's heritage.”

Dema Guinn

“My background is pretty evenly split between journalism, databases and computer programming, and this was an opportunity to combine all three. My goal for the project was to create a useful resource for Chicagoans.”

Adrian Holovaty

“Nobody likes higher cable rates. But we want to provide great service and programming.”

Daniel Brenner