Programs Related Quotes

“It's not just money. Guys leave for more established programs and better conferences. It's part of the profession. I just hope we can hang on to coaches when it comes down to just a financial issue.”

Darrell Dickey

“A lot of people want to stay here and do primary care. The programs here are good and very competitive. In my class, everyone wanted to stay.”

Chelsea Walker

“We want to know what the best programs in the state are doing, and we want to know where we stand with the top teams. Sometimes it means a couple of hours drive, but that's part of it.”

Eric Maxwell

“Brooke is full. Programs are being cut short. Brooke has no extra room. None. We are full to the max. And next year we will probably have to have trailers because we have no room.”

Janice Johnson

“These programs require far greater pollution reductions than does the NSR program. The simple truth is that the air is only going to get cleaner.”

Dan Riedinger

“This is all part of our program of reviewing our assistance programs.”

Sean Mccormack

“How can we reduce these programs and add $1 billion back into the dairy program?”

Pat Roberts

“All government programs should comply with state law. Michigan law expressly prohibits marriage substitutes. There are other ways these individuals can get benefits and still comply with state law, without basing them on a marriage-like status.”

Dale Schowengerdt

“I had a record number of educational programs that I went to speak at. Collectively, we're just able to get a lot of information out there and explain the misconceptions that are so prevalent.”

Cherie Cain

“It expands the reach of the frequent flyer programs and makes it easier to earn and redeem miles.”

Chris Mcginnis