Progressed Related Quotes

“Offensive rebounds killed us. [Northwest Christian] has been in this game before. As the game progressed, they just wore us down, and that experience showed. They were more disciplined than us late in the game.”

Carlos Palacio

“I have to say that discussions have not progressed as well as we would have liked. There is a lot of fear and suspicion about everything these days and I believe that it was not discussed on merit.”

Paul Burke

“He's really progressed each week since then. I'm really proud of the way he's played. We're looking forward to a great career for him.”

Dan Werner

“I want to see how we've progressed and how we'll react to playing against Oak Hill, particularly our guards. It's obviously a daunting task. But we had very little team chemistry when we played them in November. I'm expecting our effort to be much-improved.”

David Gaines

“I hope we've progressed to a place where it isn't like Barbara Walters, where she is making a lot of money and becomes a target.”

Carol Williams

“As the week progressed, the student bodies got bigger and stronger. Heber Springs, Highland and Riverview had the largest student bodies. And [Central Arkansas Christian] brought a lot of people.”

Kennedy Simmons

“We've progressed, the question is have we progressed enough. We'll know in the next 10 days.”

Larry Boomer

“I'm very proud of Brian the way he has progressed over the years, especially since he's been the everyday catcher. He's improved in his offensive part of the game, he's improved in his defensive part of the game and he's improved in his overall play -- pitch-calling. There's no reason why, and I expect him to continue to make that type of progress and continue to improve overall. Not just in his offense. I still think Brian has room to improve defensively and calling of games and handling the pitching staff in situations.”

Frank Robinson

“We really came together and just seemed to get better and better as the year progressed. By the end of the year, we were really clicking.”

Davey Beck

“The horse is doing very well clinically and has progressed remarkably well.”

Patricia Hogan