Prohibitive Related Quotes

“The logistics of driving to Orlando is prohibitive to many students. If they can complete their degrees at Seminole Community College, they can keep their same work schedule and day care schedule.”

David Harrison

“They're clearly the best team in our league. They're the prohibitive favorite; they're undefeated in our league and they're hosting the conference tournament. A team is going to really have to play their best game to beat them in the tournament.”

Rich Conover

“The costs are so prohibitive, we've recommended clients consider dropping”

Michigan State

“In our view, the chances of a prohibitive bill passing are less now than they ever have been.”

Andrew Lee

“It is cost prohibitive for GM to fix its $3,500 margin disadvantage versus Toyota and other Japan-based manufacturers. Meanwhile, hidden liabilities continue to exceed hidden assets.”

Ronald Tadross

“If we do that without the additional four acres, it's going to be very cost-prohibitive and burdensome.”

Frank Brunner

“It's extremely prohibitive. They want to have one name and only one name on the ballot.”

Rick Lacey

“I think it'd be a nonstarter, ... The size of those two airlines, as well as overlap, makes it prohibitive to (Department of) Justice. And you wouldn't have a clear leader in terms of the merger. Other deals being discussed, you know who's the buyer. With American and Delta, there would be more fighting.”

Susan Donofrio