Prolific Related Quotes

“[The prolific generosity of Dylan's talent down the years has been a wonder to behold.] Industry... is itself the artist's portion, ... There is no question that quantity - added, of course, to genius - is what separates major writers from minor ones.”

Cynthia Ozick

I like great directors who are scarce. Prolific ones are nice too but for me, there's something about the scarcity that makes it all the more valuable.

Adam Brody

Exaggerated passion combined with enthusiasm has the ingredients to make a prolific artist.

Don Watson

I'm a prolific overanalyzer. And I can always use 15 words in place of three 3, no matter what.

Maggie Grace

Flash content is the most prolific content on the web today; it is the way people express themselves on the Internet.

Gary Kovacs

I'm not particularly prolific.

Martin Gore

“too many of us spend our time trying to chase happiness through wealth and status. however few of us pusue the passions of our hearts, and our God given talent. when will you put aside the lies of the world and live in the truth about who you were created to be? not what you think you should become.”

Daroll Sakamoto

The teachings of Osho, in fact, encompass many religions, but he is not defined by any of them. He is an illuminating speaker on Zen, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity and ancient Greek philosophy... and also a prolific author.

Nevill Drury

Photography suits the temper of this age - of active bodies and minds. It is a perfect medium for one whose mind is teeming with ideas, imagery, for a prolific worker who would be slowed down by painting or sculpting, for one who sees quickly and acts decisively, accurately.

Edward Weston

Dirk was, for one of the few times in a life of exuberantly prolific loquacity, wordless.

Douglas Adams