Promises Related Quotes

“Christianity promises to make men free; it never promises to make them independent.”

W. R. Inge

On top of that she promises uncontrolled, low-skilled immigration that continues to reduce jobs and wages for American workers, and especially for African-American and Hispanic workers within our country. Our citizens.

Donald Trump

We live by promises not by explanations.

Adrian Rogers

Promises controversy on a scale not seen since Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations sought to reframe a new world order.

Stefan Halper

If politics were a musical, it would be "Promises, Promises".

Ronald Reagan

“If the Hornets go back to New Orleans, I expect we'll get a franchise. There haven't been any promises made, but there's been a lot of congratulations offered to us and encouragement and recognition. This a bona fide marketplace for the NBA. We've proven that.”

Clay Bennett

An honest design communicates solely the functions and values it offers. It does not attempt to manipulate buyers and users with promises it cannot keep.

Dieter Rams

Investors will sort of like write the check and then, despite a lot of promises, don't usually do that much; sometimes they do.

Sam Altman

Do you think Christianity could have lasted for nearly two thousand years on its promises unless the Lord could deliver on them?

Norman Vincent Peale