Promises Related Quotes

The heart set to do the Father's will need never fear defeat. His promises of guidance may be fully counted upon. Does it make sense to believe that the Shepherd would care less about getting His sheep where He wants them to go than they care about getting there?

Elisabeth Elliot

My theory of change is that there are already millions of people working day in and day out on the ground to deliver on promises on global change. We need to strengthen those institutions and help those people in the field.

Chris Hughes

“Your patience reminds God of His promises.”

Kimto Oche Emmanuel

There it is again. Promises. They used to hold such high value when I was younger. Now they just bore into my heart like a knife just waiting to twist. I brush the sand from my pants.

Celia Mcmahon

I don't want anyone as president who promises to take care of me. I may be stupid, but I want a chance to try to be a grown-up and take care of my family.

Penn Jillette

Something always happens. You still have to promise stuff anyway. If you have to work to make the promises true... it's like a spell. You have to say the words every time you want the results.

Diane Duane

?We ... need the president to live up to his promises and provide full funding to our global HIV/AIDS initiative if we are to tackle not only Vietnam but India, Russia and China. That means that we need nothing less than $3.6 billion this year.?

Barbara Lee

A country of a thousand war-chariots cannot be administered unless the ruler attends strictly to business, punctually observes his promises, is economical in expenditure, loves the people, and uses the labor of the peasantry only at the proper times of year.


“HSDPA promises the highest average speeds to date.”

Adam Zawel

I never made promises lightly There may have been some that I've broken But I swear in the days still left We will walk in fields of gold