Promote Related Quotes

“We look forward to continuing to promote these great young boxers managed by Frank and continuing our close relationship. We wish Frank all success in the pursuit of his private interest in the world of boxing.”

Frank Warren

“Both plans are much better than existing tax law. Both would be a significant simplification and would help promote economic growth.”

Chris Edwards

“It may promote brain plasticity by a direct effect on the brain.”

Dr Miia Kivipelto

“I don't want to have it connote the image that we're petrified. We want to promote an image that we are strong and stable, yet current and flexible. It's a fine balance.”

Drew Sullivan

“If you stay broke and fund every request, then you have no money and no resources to promote economic development,”

Charles Yates

“We never intended to go out and promote this, but the sponsorship project was mentioned in one line, one subordinate clause, on the town's home page (Wednesday), and things took off.”

Helge Sines

“We strongly encourage organizations to promote the Republican message of freedom, security and continued economic growth locally and are interested to see the positive results of the chairman's efforts in doing just that,”

Camille Anderson

“It is thoroughly irresponsible to promote the use of nuclear power when there is still no technically feasible means of assuring that long-lived radioactive wastes can be isolated from the environment. Further, this will do nothing to solve the current predicament we have with rising electricity costs.”

Wenonah Hauter

“The recommendation will not rescue patients and neither does it promote healthy behavior. Instead, they have been promoting programs that encourage riskier activities.”

Wendy Wright

“To promote Sino-Indonesian cooperation accords with our fundamental interest as important developing countries,”

Zeng Qinghong