Promoting Related Quotes

“We've been promoting the whole area, coming together as a team. Our main theme has been what's new since 1999.”

Michael Kelly

“We are really a little bit behind is valuing and promoting our historic treasures. The preservation movement has come a long way, it's really not your grandmother's preservation movement anymore.”

Linda Wade

“We do our share of Martha-promoting too,”

Kathleen Mitchell

“The movie is promotional in the sense that we're promoting the area.”

Nola Rocco

“This year India has been very active in promoting its brand and image internationally and Hanover is one of the highlights. People need to see the new India.”

Nandan Nilekani

“Most of this council believes a stronger ethics code will go a long way toward promoting transparency in Marietta government.”

Councilman Van Pearlberg

“The danger in that is that you find yourself promoting cancer.”

Christopher Buckley

“Frequent exchanges of visits between top leaders of the two countries are conducive to expanding common interests and promoting a win-win situation of mutual benefit.”

Yang Jiechi

“There is a big difference between supporting a device on a network and promoting that device.”

Rob Sanderson

“We certainly understand parents' concerns, and we don't want to associate ourselves with promoting alcohol to youth.”

Daphne Avila