Proposal Related Quotes

“The Democrats have no actual policy proposals of their own unless constant carping counts as a policy.”

Ann Coulter

But just [proposing the standard] puts companies on notice that if you're looking to construct a new natural-gas or coal facility, you really need to pay attention to these. This is what they should be designing new facilities toward as soon as this proposal hits the streets.

Gina Mccarthy

Here's a proposal, offered only partly in jest: no resident of the United States, whether born here or abroad, should get to be a citizen until age 18, at which time each such resident has to take a test.

Eric Liu

“What happened is we resubmitted the same proposal they voted on and we are encouraging a vote. We informed council that we're definitely encouraging a vote. And if there are any other changes, we are definitely open to making those changes as need be.”

James Canning

“Just to make sure that the five lane proposal by the highway district really is the best proposal and if it's not, what the alternatives might be.”

Michael Zuzel

“What you have in our proposal is real cuts in applied levels,”

Celso Amorim

“We believed that [in earlier attempts to pass such a proposal] we got bogged down by having those specifically included in the wording,”

Ray Freeman

“We couldn't possibly support a proposal that says you can work here, but you can never be apart of our society.”

Cecilia Munoz

If that was a proposal, you really need to work on your delivery.

Michelle Celmer

“We are very confident in our proposal. We think the (recall) issues are very manageable.”

Paul Laviolette