Proud Related Quotes

“Learn to use your hands, be able to create something and be proud of it and have other people notice it.”

Chris Brooks

“They're probably very much in demand, we're kind of proud they'd even consider doing a Midland project.”

Gary Vandergriff

“The thing that I'm the most proud of is that we never stopped working. We were patient. We never saw anybody get rattled.”

Gene Chizik

“I think it's great. I think the league should be very proud of that. I've said all along I think we have a great sport and I think the more diverse it is, the more international it is, I think it's only going to get better.”

Kevin Weekes

“I'm so proud of the way we came out. We were intense, and we were attacking. We made a couple critical mistakes, too.”

Linda Kalafatis

Be very proud of what you do, and if you aren't then change it.

Dave Ramsey

“I was very proud of the character and determination Adam showed in that match..”

Chris Fuller

“The LPGA is extremely proud to support the Special Olympics Golf National Invitational Tournament, ... Our players are as committed to giving back to charitable causes when away from the golf course as they are to their performances on the course. The Special Olympics Golf NIT is such an incredible event, and I am sure that our four teaching and club Professional members, as well as honorary chairperson Beth Bader, will find it a rewarding and inspiring experience.”

Carolyn Bivens

Some people are proud of their humility.

Henry Ward Beecher

Outlawed, but not alone, for Love Is outlawed, too. You cannot banish us, proud world: We banish you.

Alfred Noyes